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  • June 6,, 2021

    As I said last week when I began this series, its purpose is to help you appreciate why I feel so ready to retire, but certainly not to impress anyone with whatever I might have accomplished in 50+ years of ministry. The truth is that I didn’t even remember much of what I related last week until I began to reflect on all of it—and maybe that reflection is a good thing for me. In fact, something else I had completely forgotten is the summer  job/ministry I began in 1972 at my home parish, St. Francis de Sales (on the real East Side of Chicago) which continued thru the spring of 1975. I lived in the parish rectory each summer, supervised the teens who were hired to do a variety of jobs during those months, directed the liturgy teams of the parish & trained the lectors throughout the year, and was in charge of all the merchandise for the “pull-tab” prize booths at the 11-day Summer Festival which had been going on for over fifty years and brought in a profit of over $100,000 for the parish each summer during the early 70’s. It was fun. ... Read More >
  • Father Kyfes’ Retirement Celebration

    Sunday, June 27, 2021
    12pm Mass

    Fr. Bob will celebrate his final Mass on Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 12 Noon with a reception following this Mass.  

    Please click here to sign up or call the rectory during the business hours, 708-798-0622.

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